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The team of infiniti languages includes people sitting at the top and also its employees. There is no hierarchy followed in the organization because infiniti languages believes in the philosophy that each and every member associated with it is the boss of the company. No one is superior to anyone and no one is inferior to any one in terms of value. infiniti languages values every member because every member is valuable for the organization.

A formal hierarchy is followed in the organization so as to maintain discipline in the work designated to each individual. It is necessary for a balanced and smooth functioning of the organization and this is possible only with a proper chain of command. Every individual is delegated with some authority and responsibility.

This is the team that defines infiniti languages’s expedition with vision and integrity. The team that keeps infiniti languages on the cutting edge of best service, innovation, values. The intensity to outdo rivals, uncompromising veracity, and eternal potential of the team makes it one of the fastest upcoming organizations. The esprit de corp of the staff comprises of their timely co-ordination, proper integration of ideas, thoughts and their collective back breaking effort. The infiniti languages way to success is a measured and unrelenting commitment by its team to provide the best.

The core team of infiniti languages comprises of Project Managers and their sub-ordinates who are highly skilled and well trained in their respective projects or jobs, whether it is related to translation / interpretation / transcription . These highly motivated and self directed individuals work independently and are also co-operative. The co-ordination of the employees of various departments is highly appreciable and praiseworthy. The whole firm works as a family and under one roof.

The Management

M. S. Koti

Dr. M. Arif
H.O.D., Translation, (Arabic, Urdu, Persian)
(M.A., Ph.D)

Mohammed Ovais Koti
System Analyst

Mohammed Osaid Koti
Copywriter & Visualizer

Khan Fahad
Office Secretary

The Translators

Imtiyaz Ahmad
H.O.D., Translation, Proofreading, (M.Phil, Arabic)

Dherendra Kumar
Lanuguage Translation & Interpretation, (Hindi)
(Accredited Instructor for Hindi Language)

Rajeev C. Deshpande
H.O.D., Translation, (Hindi, Marathi & Gujarati)
(B.Sc. Chemistry, AMIE, DBIM)

Z. Abidi
Lanuguage Translation & Interpretation, (Persian / Farsi)
(Accredited Instructor for Persian / Farsi Language)

(Ms) K. Swaroop
Lanuguage Translation, (Russian)
(Accredited teacher for Russian Language)

S. Bhatkar
Lanuguage Translation & Interpretation, (Marathi, Gujrati)
(B. COM., L.L.B.)

The Accounts Department

Khan Feroz
Cheif Accountant
M Com., L.L.B. (Mumbai Univ)

Khan Faisal
M. Com (Mumbai Univ.)

Marketing & Designing

Ayub Abbas
Graphic Designer & Animator

Aamna Hayat Khan
Website Designer & Animator

Rajesh Tiwari
Head of Advertising Department